Cyber Fighters-Cyber Fighters v1.11.70 APK + MOD (MENU/Gode Mode, Gold)

Cyber Fighters-Cyber Fighters v1.11.70 APK + MOD (MENU/Gode Mode, Gold) title=

Cyber Fighters


Cyber ​​Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG brings you endless bloodshed on the battlefield. Not stopping there, the most advanced weapons and safest clothes are thoughtfully equipped for you. Together enter the war between many gangs, where if you do not become a part of it, where you do not stand up and hold a gun, then you do not exist in this world. You will enter a fantasy action world that does not need the internet to be able to participate heroically in the shadow wars.


Coming to this world, you can not only choose a character to role-play, or the number of characters is expanded like other games, but Cyber ​​Fighters only limit you to 5 hero characters. Because of the lack of characterization, each hero that is born always possesses unique and unique characteristics that are extremely special and powerful in their own way. Each character will give you different fighting styles that suit the player’s playstyle.


Referring to Cyber ​​Fighters, surely every player cannot ignore the weapon system that always becomes a highlight. This is considered the largest and most modern technological weapon set in countless similar weapon collections. You can use the thermal blade to slash enemies or even use the thunder hammer, energy spear to deal a quick fatal blow. In addition, the game also allows you to use super arrows, super-powerful cannons to ensure strength on the battlefield.


Besides the famous advanced weapon system, you can build a personal mark with a collection of costumes and drones. It allows you to put on the hero armor sets of iron, gold, even diamonds with diverse designs according to preferences and needs. We always encourage players to experience as many different fighting styles and skills as possible. Only then will you have a lot of experience connecting the strengths to create an invincible hero.


Although the five characters you choose will go from chapter to chapter, your enemies will not. Specifically, with each passing chapter, you will confront an unexpected enemy system. Including zombies, ninjas, yakuza, or even gangsters, assassins, … are all counted in the wars of Cyber ​​Fighters. Each enemy always gives you epic battles in every slash, shooting echoes in the sky.


In this wilderness, you’ll never be alone as Cyber ​​Fighters introduces a brand new team system. They are allies who share the same battle line and enemy and work together to form a united army. You summon them and train according to your fighting style according to each plan, fully supporting the team’s strength upgrade.

Can your will and ability change the landscape of Detroit? With a massive arsenal of weapons, a mighty and loyal army, you will be satisfied with the bloodshed on the battlefields of the city. The lightning-fast air, sea, and land slashing battles will never let players down. In addition, you can also fight with others through the PVP online mode.